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          China's exports of the world than to new highs To match the record

          In 2015 mainland China have hit new highs of the world's export share, up 1.5% from a year earlier, rose to 13.8%, the proportion of the 1968 annual record, in the United States has been China tied. But China's industrial upgrading pressure, and there are many challenges in the future.

          The mainland in 2015 for the world's total foreign trade

          According to Reuters, "the United Nations conference on trade and employment" recently released 2015 annual global trade related data, according to China's share of global exports ratio rose to 13.8% from 12.3% in 2014, reach 1968 data records in the United States. Reported the data changed widely expected, because previously considered much with China labor costs rise, and the yuan appreciation against the dollar, can lead to the market by other competitors.

          Perhaps China in nearly a decade of industrial development in the construction of manufacturing facilities, provide the basis of high value products, to ensure that exports remained strong. That is, relying on China's vast size and the complete supply chain, make Chinese companies more reliable. Have foreign production companies, said refers to the irreplaceable in the field of manufacturing in China, because with reliable delivery efficiency.

          Critics say that China is able to shift up the value chain, there is a big reason pressure on its foreign companies transfer technology, coupled with a systematic and continuing spying on the foreign technology. But now China faces other challenges, despite the expanding market share, shrinking in the present market situation, Chinese enterprises have yet to create their own brands like APPLE.

          Reports said more, many Chinese pay attention to in the processing and production to improve industrial innovation, to produce a lower cost but acceptable quality products. But in the future, the labor costs rise, and the appreciation of the renminbi will continue to affect, coping with the pressures of industrial upgrading. And the Chinese producers' pricing power continues to decline, the government expected future is still not optimistic.