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          The ministry of commerce and other 17 departments five strategies and to promote foreign trade positive of stabilising

          This year's government work report, "import and export of stabilizing positive" was listed in 2016, the main anticipated goal of development. With first-quarter economic data released in succession, promote "import and export of stabilizing positive" progress? What are the specific measures to the upcoming again?

          Recently, the vice minister of commerce ke-ming qian on the policy of the state council routine briefing, said with the current complex situation of foreign trade, ministry of commerce jointly with the ministry of foreign affairs and national development and reform commission and other 17 departments and units, will take targeted measures from five policy level, promote the reform of foreign trade structural supply side, achieve positive of stabilising and the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade.

          Foreign trade is facing downward pressure A new kinetic energy to speed up the formation

          This year, under the condition of continued contraction in the global trade situation, import and export trade in our country faces downward pressure. According to customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year China's trade in goods import and export value of 5.2 trillion yuan, compared with the same period last year dropped 5.9%, the export of 3 trillion yuan, down 4.2%. Imports of 2.2 trillion yuan, down 8.2%; Trade surplus of 810.2 billion yuan, expanding by 8.5%.

          Commerce ministry spokesman Shen Danyang at a regular press conference on the 19th of this month, also said that the year of the foreign trade situation is still complicated severe, is not optimistic. What is the reason? Look from the international situation, external condition of the continuous downturn is no fundamental improvement. Foreign trade figures released from global export 32 major economic devices for two months, there were different degrees of decline, the United States fell by 7.4%, a 3.1% drop in Germany, fell by 7.1% in Japan, South Korea fell by 15.7%, a 4.7% drop in Brazil, India fell by 9.8%. Both developed countries and emerging economies, both in the asia-pacific region and Europe and the United States, the foreign trade data showed downward pressure.

          Elements from the domestic situation, the enterprise costs continue to rise, weakening the traditional competitive advantage of foreign trade, industry and the order to transfer the continued slow speed, fixed assets investment and import demand factors are also restricts the stabilization of foreign trade to a good pace.

          However, foreign trade data of a strong rebound in March, especially strong export growth appear good stabilization of the situation. In march, according to data from the same month, the national import and export value of 1.91 trillion yuan, up by 8.6%; Among them, the export of 1.05 trillion yuan, an increase of 18.7%.

          "China's foreign trade development fundamentals have not changed, still has strong comprehensive competitive advantage. At the same time the structure of the continuous optimization of foreign trade development, transformation and upgrading, power transformation in speeding up, the new growth kinetic energy is accumulated, meet the annual foreign trade stabilizing positive have a certain foundation." Vice minister of commerce ke-ming qian said.

          At the same time, in the first quarter of general trade, export accounts for the proportion of export private enterprises increased to 55.4% and 46.2% respectively, compared with the same period last year increased 1.4 and 4% respectively. Shen Danyang, according to the traditional market demand began to recover, the eastern region export stabilize somewhat stabilised, and many other factors for foreign trade; At the same time, import growth quality and efficiency are improved. All of these indirect comprehensive competitive advantage of China's foreign trade still exist, the traditional development momentum and room to improve, new momentum of development is to speed up the formation, innovation is becoming the important driving force of foreign trade development.

          Focusing the investigation difficult Five strategies to promote stability is given

          Ke-ming qian said that the ministry of commerce recently organized 17 research group, to 20 provinces, and 200 key enterprises in the field survey and in-depth interviews, conducted a questionnaire survey of 3000 companies. On the basis of this, in conjunction with the ministry of foreign affairs and national development and reform commission 17 departments and units, such as research form the good stability to promote foreign trade policy measures. Focused on the outstanding difficulties and problems of the foreign trade enterprises to reflect, put forward some policies and measures from five aspects:

          A reflection is the fiscal and taxation financial support. Encourage financial institutions to order and efficiency of foreign trade enterprise loans. Expand the export insurance policy financing, increase the scale of short-term export credit insurance, realization of large complete sets of equipment export should be guaranteed that all. Optimize the structure of export tax rebates, improve the export tax rebate classification management approach.

          2 it is to consolidate the traditional competitive advantages of foreign trade. We will further improve the processing trade policy, the integrated use of finance, land, financial policy, support the Midwest transfer of processing trade. Encourage the Midwest to the east investment promotion and capital introduction, nationwide cancellation for examination and approval of processing trade business, actively support the development of border trade, increasing the central financial transfer payment border region.

          Three is to foster new foreign trade competitive advantage. To speed up the international marketing network system. Encourage enterprises to establish overseas service guarantee system, support key enterprises to build cars, machine tools, engineering machinery, communication, rail transportation, aviation, ship and ocean engineering and other overseas after-sales maintenance services and spare parts production base and training center. To speed up cultivating the independent brand of foreign trade, strengthening the independent brand publicity.

          Fourth, focus on optimizing the structure of foreign trade. Develop and expand the cross-border e-commerce, market procurement trade mode and comprehensive service of foreign trade enterprises pilot. Support enterprises to build a batch of export commodities "overseas warehouse" and overseas operations center. Has positive import policy, key support import advanced equipment and technology. Lower part of the consumer goods tariffs, stability, foreign investment scale and speed, etc.

          Five is to further improve the foreign trade environment. To further improve the level of trade facilitation, decrease the rate of average export customs inspection, to strengthen the classified guidance. By the end of 2016 will be a "single window" international trade construction from coastal areas to conditional in the central and western regions. Advancing a paperless customs clearance assignments. Reduction specification parts enterprises to collect fees, to carry out the charge system of directory listing and port fee billing methods etc.

          The policy of the five focus on steady growth and structure adjustment. To strengthen the traditional advantages, focusing on enterprise generally reflect the problems, puts forward the further decrease the rate of export commodity inspection, derate standardized enterprises charges. In the aspect of cultivating new advantages, has been clear for further support to the development of new business model, cultivate independent brands of foreign trade, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights.

          At the same time, to improve policy precision and targeted on the ministry of commerce jointly with the other ministries and commissions under the "kung fu". "Differentiation policy, supporting the processing trade to the Midwest transfer. In addition to the central policy, required local reference each other's experience and practice, copy to other regions; according to the needs of the situation and characteristics in this region, a targeted measures." Ke-ming qian said.