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          Ningbo implementation opinion will be introduced to promote steady growth of foreign trade

          Zhejiang online April 27, reporter yesterday in the afternoon, we have heard from the municipal government held the city's foreign trade work symposium, in order to further promote buy share of ningbo foreign trade status, improving the quality of foreign trade development, consolidate the traditional advantage of foreign trade, our city in the near future will be issued "to further promote the steady growth of foreign trade of the implementation opinions". Vice mayor Wang Jianhou to attend the meeting and delivered a speech.

          It is reported, "the implementation opinion" to promote the steady growth of foreign trade, promote transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and further promote foreign trade development environment three aspects. Ningbo will fully help from Canton fair this year, and central and eastern Europe, such as traditional east China fair show fair in ningbo national exhibition, such as focus on stable export growth; Ningbo bonded area to speed up the construction of national innovation demonstration zone for the promotion of import trade and meishan bonded port area vehicle import ports, actively expand import; Intensify investment led trade, promoting the development of processing trade innovation. At the same time, to enhance the competitiveness of export commodities, to promote comprehensive service of foreign trade enterprise cultivation and cross-border trade e-commerce development. In addition, will also intensify policy support and examination of incentive, improve customs clearance facilitation, alleviate the cost burden of foreign trade enterprises.